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Bonus Code Activation

Hello fellow players,

since the begining of the server you will be able to redeem bonus codes in your master account.

Codes can be acquired from Marketing resources, giveaways, participation in past projects and voting for our server.
If you have received a code for any of the reasons above, you can redeem it on this board (after log in).

It's pretty easy to redeem them.

1. You click on "Bonus Code" button.

Step 1

2. Insert the received code in the pop up window and you are ready!

Step 2

The code will either give you in games items or donations coins in your Master Account. livestream with updates, rates Q&A and events

This Friday, at 20:00 we will be hosting a Q&A livestream.
Also, we will demonstrate all the new features of the server and will talk about exp, sp rates.
We will talk about new reward system, upcoming events and what we improved since the last project.

Don't hesitate to drop by and give some love to Natalie and Africa!

L2GR x5

Download FILES
To play on our project, you need to Register and download the server files
Download client Lineage 2 Gracia Epilogue - 4.22 Gb
Download updater for Gracia Epilogue x5 - 6.5 MB
Download the patch for Gracia Epilogue x5 - 24.1 MB

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